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You'll find more update-troubleshooting options on's Windows Update Checklist .

The Registry has gone haywire The fastest and simplest way to repair a garbled Registry is via Windows' System Restore: In XP, click Start Next.

Scan your Windows Update log file for clues to your system's update failures.

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Max provides a type of one-hour delivery service similar to that of Kozmo, though at present only for New York City , where it claims to be on time 99.5 out of 100 deliveries.You always have to be careful when you make changes to the Registry, which is why you should triple-check any Registry-cleaning utilities before you use them.One that has been around for a while is Tweak Now's Reg Cleaner Standard .If nothing on this page solves the problem, try disabling your antivirus and anti-spyware programs, your firewall, and any Web accelerators you've installed before going to the Windows Update page.Just be sure to reactivate your security programs before you browse anywhere else.

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