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For the primary outcome, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet was used to record the data and perform the calculations.The calculation performed was: [(The price of the drug saved by using extended BUD the price of the CSTDs not used on the vials that were saved with extended BUD) – The price of the CSTDs that would have been used = The cost of implementing a CSTD].Mount Sinai Hospital recently assessed the cost savings realized through the Equashield system for 1 month, when it used the CSTD to extend the BUD of expensive chemotherapy and biotherapy agents.The hospital did a prospective economic analysis for 28 of the agents in single-dose vials it uses by documenting wasted amounts of the agents on a daily basis and estimating the potential waste if the vials had been thrown out on the same day rather than 7 days later.There were 32 vials per study group, for a total of 288 vials.The vials were incubated for 14 days, after which none that had been accessed using Equashield had microbial growth.

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Personnel trained in the CCC compounding area observe current USP rules and regulations for preparation and handling of HDs in anticipation of the July 2018 enactment.

All patients older than 18 years who received their antineoplastic or biologic agent in the CCC were included.

Methotrexate doses compounded in the CCC for use in the obstetric unit were excluded from the study.

The stability of medications used in the CCC was gathered from manufacturer recommendations (Table 1).

For billing and insurance purposes, the current protocol at BBC for opened vials is to discard them after each patient.

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