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Chicago may not be known as a gambling mecca per se, but the city is surrounded by a variety of casinos that can make for a fun alternative to the standard dinner-and-a-movie routine.

Whether you already live in the Windy City, or you're visiting, consider spending a weekend downtown with your loved one. You and your date won't have to be film nerds to find something new to like that will set you apart at your next cocktail party.

Whether you're in Chicago, the suburbs or in more rural areas of the Land of Lincoln, you will never lack for exciting date options.

The entire city of Chicago has a ton of excellent theater.

So be sure the two of you are either really good sports, or are cheering for the same team.

By the time Memorial Day rolls around, most Chicagoans are ready for sun.

They had fought about how long to stay out, she later told police, and whether he was okay to drive home.

Another great summer date is to get out on the water.

If your ideal date involves demonstrating what a stable genius you are, show off your deep base of useless knowledge at one of the many bar trivia nights around town.

Five months later, Viafore, a project manager for the state, proposed to Graswald with an onion ring off a hibachi grill. Graswald and Viafore arrived on the island a half hour later.

They shared a love of the outdoors and, above all, being alone together somewhere beautiful, taking pictures of each other. They walked around, drank beers, and took pictures anyway, both wearing sweatshirts.

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