Modern day dating

A thing basically is when you’re getting to know each other but it’s a little deeper as there is actual potential for it to evolve into a relationship.

In an earlier time we’d call this the dating stage.

There are so many factors to dating now that were not factors when our parents or grandparents went through it.

In some ways we’ve come a long way – women are allowed to do anything a man can do.

Usually, people define this as the stage before you’re dating but it can go on forever if neither party really wants to commit.

Unfortunately because there are a billion new terms for “dating” (or the like), it’s easy to be a thousand percent confused.

Yes, modern day dating is certainly a lot more complicated then years past but we’ll let you into a little secret people for the most part are still looking for the same thing – someone they really like.

The main difference is that it just takes a lot longer to find that person you want to be in a relationship with.

If he never wants a relationship, and that’s what you’re looking for, listen to him. You don’t want to date someone for months on end never knowing if you are exclusive or a couple.

Don’t feel like you need to quietly try to decode what he wants like he is a complicated math proof.

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