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Rushkoff has mastered the lecture game too—he is often invited to speak to many of the same tech executives he pillories—and has a knack for the tweetable aphorism (“The more you touch your phone, the smarter your smartphone gets about you and the dumber you get about it.”).

But lately, the medium he’s most interested in is face time.

” There are ways to change our real-world behavior and approaches that can easily compensate for the dehumanization of the web, the corporate surveillance of our every action, and the mockery of the democratic process. And now that navigation and discovery are controlled by advertising companies like Google and Facebook it’s all the trickier.

They require us to be more conscious—more human—thus, Team Human. You see publications moving into the supposedly safe harbor of Facebook because all of their incoming traffic consists of social media links, anyway, and they know Facebook is going to promote them a lot better if they surrender to Facebook assimilation than if they try to go it on their own with their own websites.

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The main thing I’m getting is deluged by people looking for specific answers. I make a pretty strong case for it in the book: In a society with abundant resources, people deserve food, housing, and medical care. But I spent some time at Uber, and I heard my guaranteed minimum income argument come back to me but from their lips, and it sounded different.Motherboard: You’re not new to the format, what with your WFMU show, but I wonder what led you to return to it, and what’s valuable about a podcast from your perspective. The internet breaks everything down into its component parts.So even if we’re going to do a “real person doing real things” interview, it should stand on its own as a component.Are there some you are still working through and wondering about?Critical hurdles to a fairer and more human future? Things that leave you particularly curious or anxious or worried?

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