Machine stitched cathedral window updating an old favorite mia michaels dating

How many squares you cut is entirely up to you and the size project you are working on.

I tend to cut a handful at a time, since it'd all come from the same bolt of muslin anyway, and since I'm not entirely sure what these blocks will turn into eventually.

For as long as they’ve been around, people have been continually inspired by church buildings.

No matter what type of religion, these buildings have moved people to create.

An example of this in the form of quilting is the Cathedral Window quilt.

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Cathedral windows is a stunning pattern, that really looks great with all sorts of a variety of scraps.

If you make just a few blocks, they can be turned into bags, pillows, even pincushions. Quilt a stunning pillow with the Cathedral Window Pillow pattern.

Make the classic design modern with contemporary prints, or use your favorite calicoes for a traditional version.

They can be sewn by hand or machine, and the folding can be done in a variety of ways.

This classic block can be used in many different projects!

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