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People on LSD often become very emotional, more prone to tears or laughter.Large doses of may make them feel especially contemplative.Sometimes when someone has a bad trip, they wind up in the emergency room of a hospital, but there usually isn't much that doctors do other than give the person a quiet space and reassurance.They may administer an anti-anxiety medication or a mild tranquilizer to ease the patient's panic.A recreational dose of LSD starts around 100ug (micrograms) and a tab usually has 100-150ug.So for a microdose, I would take ~10ug, though some people will take lower amounts around 5ug or as high as 15ug.

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If all goes according to plan, users will experience a good, or positive, trip.LSD changes the way people perceive the world around them, as well as what they think and feel, but people on LSD don't see things that aren't there.They see what's already there in a different way, and (most of the time) they're aware that their altered perceptions are caused by the drug. Objects that are stable might appear to move or have a halo of light around them.They feel that their mind has burst through its normal boundaries, and they often claim to have had experiences that are spiritual or religious, with a new understanding of how their world and surroundings (or, you know, their lava lamps) work.People tripping on LSD may have very questionable reasoning skills, becoming impulsive or irrational.

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