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The pyramid representing your portfolio should be customized to your risk preference.It is important for investors to understand the idea of risk and how it applies to them.

LTP is also a subject of clinical research, for example, in the areas of Alzheimer's disease and addiction medicine.

In such studies, electrical recordings are made from cells and plotted in a graph such as this one.

This graph compares the response to stimuli in synapses that have undergone LTP versus synapses that have not undergone LTP.

In his 1894 Croonian Lecture, he proposed that memories might instead be formed by strengthening the connections between existing neurons to improve the effectiveness of their communication.

Hebbian theory, introduced by Donald Hebb in 1949, echoed Ramón y Cajal's ideas, further proposing that cells may grow new connections or undergo metabolic changes that enhance their ability to communicate: Let us assume that the persistence or repetition of a reverberatory activity (or "trace") tends to induce lasting cellular changes that add to its stability....

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