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Any user can take a chat from a consumer, providing they have been granted this permission in the User Profile area.

The Agent Workspace includes several widgets to help agents manage their conversations: Agents can copy the full chat conversation in plain text and paste it into a different location, for example, into an email or document.

By clicking “Get Help” on the Facebook for Business website, advertisers can chat and screen share with a trained Ads Specialist to get quick answers to their Facebook advertising questions.

At any given time in your shift as an agent, you are expected to handle multiple chats in a competent and efficient manner.

By using predefined content in your chats, you can relieve some of the pressure on yourself, achieve your goals, and maintain your high standards.

The predefined responses are organized into categories, such as Greeting, Conversational, Closing and additional categories that your managers create based on your business needs.

Managers can also assign Hotkeys (shortcuts) to the most useful predefined responses, and you can save time and energy by using them.

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