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J.’s innocence, and unless they find him guilty, I will continue to support him . “It brought tears to his eyes,” Oppenheimer writes.

Years later, after Robert’s kids became world-famous, his widow Ellen Pierson — who was said to have frozen out his closest friends — sold off excerpts of what was allegedly his diary, in which he wrote about Kris and Waterman’s sleeping together in his bed and leaving their kids unattended while she “screwed all night.” It detailed Kris’ allegedly abusive nature, describing her as pulling Kourtney’s hair and twisting her arms, also claiming that “scared and nervous” Kim had also been beaten by their mother.

While Kris attended church with her husband, Robert’s pastor, Kenn Gulliksen, harbored doubts about her sincerity: “I just sensed that Kris saw in Bob a kind of gold mine. “He took a swing and whacked the back of my car,” said Waterman.

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Forever immortalized as the stand-by-his-man supporter of pal O. Simpson, Robert Kardashian rose to notoriety when he served as a legal consultant on the “dream team” that won the athlete a not-guilty verdict in his infamous 1995 murder trial.

Robert, a born-again Christian of Armenian descent, was born in 1944 to a wealthy Los Angeles family; he would later distance himself from the clan’s corrupt meatpacking empire.

Despite standing a mere 5-foot-8 and being stricken with a thick white hairline streak in his otherwise jet-black mane, he was considered one of Beverly Hills’ most eligible bachelors in the 1970s.

Do you know what you’ve done to this entire universe, you asshole? Months later, Kris married Olympian Bruce Jenner, her “best lover.” Jenner — who decades later would transition to being a woman named Caitlyn — had already wed twice before.

After his first wife, Chrystie Crownover, left him, he stayed for a while at the Playboy Mansion.

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