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One thing I have frequently observed among Adventists is the philosophy that the "ends justifies the means" when it comes to using deception.The reasoning is this: If we tell them up front we are Adventists, they will not come to our meetings or read our books.Notice how this philosophy of secretiveness and disguise is contrary to the openness and transparency of the Apostles: The Seventh-day Adventist hierarchy has a long history of practicing deception.In the early 1850s, church co-founder James White removed portions of Ellen White's visions and then republished them with 19% of the original writings missing.

Some unknown soul described it this way: "We walked into the New Jerusalem and soon we noticed a small area that had large, thick walls surrounding it.

White, Prophetess of the Seventh-day Adventist Church"?

There is only one reason: they know that some people have a negative awareness of the SDA Church.

Adventists have the "truth" and all other Christian churches are "apostate" and under "strong delusion".

When I was growing up, I was advised not to associate with people of other religions because I should not be around their contaminating influence.

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