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But all this does not prevent the Outlander’s stars from flirting on social media with each other.

Caitriona had posted on Twitter that she does not have beautiful hands, and there came a tweet from Sam who said: This and more of such messages confuse the whole picture but we do wish the two couples happiness in their lives!

Scott, our first unsuspecting mark of the episode, meets "Kathy" (played by the lovely Joannah Portman), who invites him to her hotel room.

But while she's in the shower, her father--a bald Jamie--appears and tries to get Scott to tell a ventriloquist's dummy his real intentions with Kathy!

He received two nominations for the Saturn Awards for the same show.

Shannon wants to convince her boyfriend Gavin that he should let her cousin move in with them for a few months. Her cousin is that famous Malibu rapper, Brad Gluckman!

--Jamie poses as an obnoxious guest star on Off Centre, intending all along to "X" the show's star, Sean Maguire.

But the photographer's grandfather--Jamie in disguise--believes that Christine looks just like his dear, departed ex-wife, and in his senility, takes the resemblance way too far......--Jamie poses as a Hollywood television producer who is pitching an idea to parents who might like their children to be on his show. Child Island: a Lord of the Flies-type of Survivor for kids!

--The episode [...] (More)This episode was filmed on location in Panama City, Florida, where Jamie set out to "X" college students on spring break.

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