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This definitely wasn’t in i OS 10, and I’m super excited.I think this is a recent change, like within the last two betas or so.This playlist has been updating automatically for over a year.Could be that they stretched the functionality further.

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The smart playlist isn't a playlist, it's just a search folder. So, you cannot sync a search token to your i Phone.

If you go this route, be aware that once a playlist has been saved to the Music app, it is not longer smart.

It won’t auto update like a smart playlist that you create in i Tunes and sync across.

then I updated the lists on my phone - all the duplicates were removed. Turns out i Tunes lost the path between the playlists and my music folder location on my computer.

If you go to the i Tunes "Library" box on the left, select "Music" then go to the main screen and look at all of your songs in the "Songs" format.

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