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A new section of Iowa's revised service animal statute provides a penalty for those who falsely claim that a non-service animal is a service animal. A person who intentionally misrepresents an animal as a service animal or a service-animal-in-training is, upon conviction, guilty of a simple misdemeanor.(b) A person commits the offense of intentional misrepresentation of an animal as a service animal or a service-animal-in-training if all of the following elements are established: (1) For the purpose of obtaining any of the rights or privileges set forth in state or federal law, the person intentionally misrepresents an animal in one's possession as one's service animal or service-animal-in-training or a person with a disability's service animal or service-animal-in-training whom the person is assisting by controlling.Children who are home sick from school should not be in the library.This is perhaps the most effective wording: The library is not an appropriate place to leave children and dependent adults with obvious medical conditions that require close monitoring.These are tax-supported services that exist to meet the needs of the public, so their employees don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing which citizens they’ll allow through their doors.Even private businesses won’t kick out ill shoppers—we avoid sick people in the grocery store, the drug store and the hardware store all the time, but no one forces them to leave.

Librarians have no right to do either of these things.

Parents may not instruct children to use the library as shelter because of their unwillingness or inability to pay for appropriate care for them.

The use of the library as a required place for children in lieu of daycare services is discouraged.

Only an ordinance carries the force of law; an agency policy does not, so signs prohibiting weapons in the library could be viewed as a challenge to gun owners’ constitutional and statutory rights. The website at https://gov/regs2010/service_animal_explains all about service animals and ADA requirements.

Iowa's laws pertaining to service animals were rewritten by the 2019 legislature (Senate File 341).

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