Invalidating session in jsf

Few companies have a handle on their Java platform security and the seams are starting to show.According to the 2014 Application Vulnerability Trends Report by Cenzic, 96% of the web applications they tested had vulnerabilities.With the bean validation annotations we get a pre-validation (e.g.

Necessary tasks such as keeping track of items in an online shopping cart or tracking user trends become difficult.

One of the central interfaces is the annotation to configure a database or a LDAP system for user validation.

Our Identity Store will just check if the incoming mail and password match with one of the two dummy users and return a Credential Validation Result which contains the principal’s name and the associated roles.

We’ve spelled out the basics along with some of the most important precautions to take when designing your application.

Let’s take a look: HTTP is a stateless (non-persistent) protocol, meaning each request is treated on its own.

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