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It can arrive on the scene whenever we’re met with back-to-back deadlines, inescapable social demands, or bad news out of the blue. Listen attentively.(With benefits — wink.) For some INTPs, the term “relationship” may generate a lot of unnecessary stress, bundling with it the pressure of official labels and PDA.For the most part, we keep our relationships fairly low-key and separate from family and friends. Constantly asking how we are or what we’re doing will freak us out.Bombarding us with texts and being clingy will scare us.This is our grip function, Extroverted Feeling, in full swing.Think of it as a feral toddler throwing tantrums and setting fire everywhere. In the rare case of us becoming a full-blown emotional wreck, your presence and sincere advice means the world to us.Intellectual stimulation and challenge will keep us on our toes — and keep us coming back to you for more.Spark our Extroverted Intuition, and you’re a shoo-in.

When we try, it’ll probably come out as a jumbled mess of word vomit, which will most likely be accompanied by a crooked smile and a monotone, “Yeah, I tried.”The pace we initially set can be unpredictable at times; we may be prone to coming in hot and going cold mid-way through.

Like many introverts, we can be hard to get to know at first, but when we open up, we’re silly, cuddly, and sometimes even downright weird.

Since we’re not the best at expressing our emotions or giving compliments, physical touch can be our way to show our love. To be honest, we probably — okay, almost definitely — don’t even know how we’re feeling.

Everyone needs some degree of predictability in their lives, and INTPs are no exception.

It’s also important to shake things up from time to time, to keep our crazy rich imagination fuelled and running.

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