Intimidating quotes for facebook

Every age has its storytelling form, and video gaming is a huge part of our culture.

You can ignore or embrace video games and imbue them with the best artistic quality.

Sometimes people are like, 'Do you want to play strong women?

I lifted my wrist, the bandage just dangling from the area now, not covering or protecting a thing. I never realized how intimidating he was when he wanted to be.” ― “Moving heavy objects allowed me to feel manly in the eyes of other men.

I wasn’t going to reply, but his eyes narrowed and I knew he would eventually make me tell him. Weariness floated over me at the thought of enduring yet another one of their hours-long interrogations. Doesn’t like to throw his position around.” I made a sound of agreement as he applied something to my wrist that made my entire body jerk. He said a few more words to the men standing around him and then he left them, coming to stand over poor Bryant.

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