Intimidating nicknames for girls validating scales and indexes

Lars got the swagger from the Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

Even Ryan Gosling played the role of Lars in “Lars and the Real Girl”. Flash will appeal to modern parents who are looking for an active boy name.

There are lots of wildcats and bears and tigers and other animals, like badgers and blue jays, that have nasty dispositions and just might kill you or at least bite your ear off. Dropping the "men" just gives us a color, and not a very threatening one.

But some teams have chosen a different strategy altogether. It takes a special person to pass up hours of riveting cable television to help total strangers. In fact, if you are a volunteer, scary is kind of the last thing you should strive to be. Texas A&M --"Aggie" is short for "agricultural," which is a fancy word for farming. Like Hoosiers, farmers have the potential to be scary folks, but most of them aren't. Geriatrics, children, and college guys who pretend to enjoy spending quiet afternoons feeding them so their relatively new girlfriends think they're the harmless, sensitive type. Syracuse --Not that it would change their ranking at all, but they used to be called the "Orangemen." Orangemen are what guys who spend too long on a tanning bed are called. I could see going with Black or even Gray, but Orange? Hawai'i (although for purposes of this ranking, I'm ignoring "Warriors")--Hawai'i's nickname was so lame (Rainbow Warriors) that they decided to let their sports teams pick among the above three. Here's a hint: It doesn't have the word rainbow in it. Pennsylvania --Nothing like naming your teams after a group of people synonymous with pacifism. Way back in the early days Georgetown's nickname was "The Stonewalls." Back then, when America still cared about educating its youth, the students had to study Greek and Latin, and one creative Stonewall started a chant that translates to "What Rocks!

If you’re looking for a cool name to call an evil character in a story, check out the examples below.

Usually, in films, the bad guys have very ordinary names.

In real life, serial killer names are so boring that the media has to invent scary-sounding names for them.

Pennywise, Zebo the Clown, The Crimson Clown, Bobo the Clown, Pogo the Clown, Shakes the Clown, Binky the Clown, Buggy the Clown, Killjoy, Odd Bob the Clown, Sticky the Clown, Gurdy the Clown, Zombozo, Stitches, Dr Rockso, Biffo, Twisty, Hop-Frog, Koko the Killer, Chuckles the Butcher, Gurgles the Clown. Watched a lot of college football today (including a closer-than-it-should-have-been Spartan victory over archrival Michigan) and it got me thinking about college nicknames.Most colleges seem to have nicknames that project an image of strength and aggression.It's as if they looked around and said, "What's the least intimating thing we can think of? Actually, I kind of like it._______________________________________Note 1: I included only schools most Americans might have heard of, which is why the "Dolphins" (five different colleges), the "Manatees" (State College of Florida), the "Banana Slugs," and the "Battlin' Bishops" do not appear."Here, in order from not very intimidating to even more not very intimidating, are nine colleges that have this nickname thing completely backward:9. Note 2: All schools with bird nicknames were automatically eliminated. Note 3: All schools with Indian nicknames were also eliminated.

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