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Mascots, marching bands, historic rivalries and school chants are the true lifeblood of the sport, and they’re what make college football so special.

There are so many celebrated traditions that fans around the country hold dear in their hearts.

The design dates back to 1964 when head coach Doug Dickey decided to add some more color and life to the stadium because he thought it was too drab.

The checkerboard end zones disappeared when the school installed artificial turf in 1968, but they returned in 1989.

The two eastern Pennsylvania schools are located just 17 miles apart, and their fanbases share a mutual dislike for one another.

Lafayette currently leads the series 76-66, and there have also been five ties.

At every Wyoming home game, Cowboys fans can be heard chanting for the band to play “In Heaven There Is No Beer,” which is known more simply as the “Beer Song.” The school’s marching band will eventually give in and begin playing the fan favorite, and students will sing along, screaming the lyrics “In heaven there is no beer, no beer. And when we’re gone from here, are friends will be drinking all the beer.”At every UCLA football game, you’ll be sure to hear the Bruins fans performing the 8-clap cheer.

Rubbing Testudo’s nose is believed to give the team good luck for the upcoming game.

Oklahoma State fans know the lyrics to the team’s fight song, “Waving Song,” by heart, as it’s played at every single football game during the pregame, after touchdowns and following a victory.

The long-running Lehigh-Lafayette rivalry is the most played rivalry in college football, as the teams have met a total of 147 times since 1884.

Plus, it’s also the longest uninterrupted rivalry series, as the teams have squared off in every single season since 1897.

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