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Determined to find love again, a remarkable single mum who has survived breast cancer and divorce, found online dating “with one boob” such a revelation, she has written a book on how NOT to do it.

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Never one to be beaten, six months later she decided to look for romance and set up a profile on the dating site Tinder.“I’d been with Ella’s dad since I was 18, so it was a shock to discover that now everyone dates online,” she said.“Gone are the days of meeting someone at work or on a night out.

If you want to date you have to get online so, aided and abetted by a friend who was also newly single, I set up my Tinder profile.“But I hated the fact that the online platforms were so superficial.

Everyone was judging each other based on looks alone.” “So, as a single mum with one boob, I made a stand and swiped right for everyone, regardless of their looks,” Jo continued.“I’m not judgemental and all I was really looking for was someone who looked kind.”Fortunately, after a year of looking, she found her “special someone” in tree surgeon Lewis Teanby, 24, a friend of a friend who lived locally and she had seen around, but who was also on Tinder – where she spotted his profile and swiped right.

When author Jo Turner, 31, of Epworth, North Lincolnshire, discovered a lump at the top of her left breast during a bath, after watching an episode of Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer, she “wasn’t even checking.”On November 3, 2014 Jo, then 26, whose daughter Ella Mary is now six, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer – a very aggressive form with only a 15 per cent survival rate – which had dispersed through the breast tissue.

First, her 4cm tumour was blasted with chemotherapy, shrinking it to 0.5cm.

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