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I dream of a world where people are so skeptical of fake news and clickbait that journalists deliberately write boring headlines. Engage people in the moment to transcend the moment. Elite schools are reinforcing inequality, not meritocracy.#Friday Thoughts A sign of intelligence is the ability to recognize intelligence in others. It's long past time to open more doors to those with less. How smart people are has little bearing on how informed they are. Your greatest teachers aren't the ones who know the most. #Friday Thoughts When patent examiners got to work from anywhere, their productivity climbed by 4.4%, with no decrease in quality. As kids become more depressed and anxious, limiting screen time is not enough. -Less homework and fewer tests -Longer recesses and lunches -More socioemotional learning -More unstructured, unscheduled time to play #Monday Thoughts… New data: when managers put the bottom line first, their employees don't work as hard. Don't listen to people because you agree with their answers.

That's what I see."Just completely clueless and everything's f---in' roses and daisies."Adams has evolved in deeper ways than going from a clean-cut choirboy to Dothraki bloodrider.Promote the people who challenge you, not the ones who flatter you. #Wednesday Wisdom The rate of mass shootings is not a function of mental health problems, video games, racial diversity, or violence and crime. And 130 studies across 10 countries show that gun safety legislation reduces deaths. BEl8P It doesn't matter what you say—or even how you say it—if people have doubts about why you're saying it. Hiring discrimination is as rampant now as it was in 1989. Accept the privileges that help you do your job more effectively, not the ones that make you feel superior. People are informed when they learn from you but empowered when they learn with you. However carefully you choose your words, it's your actions that reveal your intentions and principles. Whites get 36% more callbacks than equally qualified Blacks and 24% more than Latinos—even with identical resumes where only the name is changed. A sign of wisdom is the ability to appreciate the wisdom of others, instead of limiting your learning to your own experience. If work is independent and people are capable, don't tether them to an office. Value results alone, and you lose trust and respect. Listen because you respect the intellectual integrity they bring to their questions.Possessing a virtue makes it easier to see in others. You learn more from people who challenge your thought process than from those who affirm your conclusions.

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