Legislation is currently under consideration in Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Oklahoma Law Favors the Resident In 2013, Oklahoma legislators unanimously voted to enact the Protect Our Loved Ones Act.

It is important to keep in mind that if a room is shared with another person then consent of the roommate is required prior to installation and they must not be visible on camera.

While these laws can serve as a check against potential abuse of elders by employees or other residents, most importantly, they seek to give residents and family members peace of mind that their family member is being treated kindly and with the respect that they deserve.

The female aide can be heard repeatedly chastising the elderly woman, twice calling her a “grown-ass adult” as she tugged on her clothing and yanked at her bra. The cameras, which cost as little as and can fit inside a teddy bear or potted plant, have surged in popularity despite privacy concerns and calls for more regulation.

“That is why I am so rough with you.” Now, nearly two years after catching the incident on video, Peters and her sister Kay Bromelkamp have become zealous proponents of using miniature cameras to catch abuse in senior homes.

If any abuse by an employee was recorded, then he or she could be terminated.Families seeking to discover what happens to their loved one when they’re away have increasingly turned to using “granny cams.” Similar to nanny cameras used by parents to keep a watchful eye on their children, electronic surveillance cameras have been used by some families in nursing homes to observe their family member.Some recordings have captured shocking acts of elder abuse.Balancing Individual Privacy Rights and Preventing Elder Abuse Currently, no federal law grants individuals with the right place electronic surveillance equipment in nursing homes thereby leaving each state to implement their own laws.For states that have enacted or are considering legislation addressing electronic monitoring, finding the right balance between protecting an individual’s right to privacy and preventing the potential for elder abuse has been a challenge.

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