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The story of how a group of trans women vanished in the midst of El Salvador's civil war has been passed down from generation to generation, creating a legend that gave them a place in the history of a country that often seems to wish they would disappear. Lester Feder set out to document the mysterious incident for the first time.

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She also had not been there on the night of the disappearances from the Savior of the World, and years of heavy drinking meant she could only recall bits and pieces of the story, despite having heard it countless times.But Alarcón can still rattle off the names of many of the dozen he remembers being thrown into the truck that night.There was his roommate Cristi, whom he remembers as a gentle 26-year-old who would bring him gifts of coats or shoes from trips she’d frequently make to Guatemala and Mexico.Work was so steady on that corner that Alarcón thought a client might have already picked up his roommate and the other locas they hung out with.Outsiders called them all “homosexuals,” but the sex workers — some who lived as women all the time, others who dressed as women primarily on the job — called each other “crazies” even though some used it as an insult that would roughly translate to “sissy.” (Alarcón asked Buzz Feed News to refer to him using male pronouns.)As Alarcón reached the opposite corner, he could see his friends were still there.

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