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A woman who likes you and wants you to know it might laugh out loud at your jokes, even the ones that aren’t really that funny.It’s probably that they just enjoy your company and they want to compliment you with attention and laughter.And when she likes what she’s touching, well, you know what to do.[Read: Body language attraction – Touchy feely flirting] #7 Fidget Bridget.A hair flip is a highly instinctual move that dates back to the earliest humans, and even animals themselves have their own version of this classic move.Whether women are touching their hair, twirling it or even flipping it, it’s their way of making you notice them. There’s something about the way women touch their bodies that can really attract stares from the opposite sex.Even a small and light touch on your arm while she listens intently to you is a huge sign.She might even graze her hands up your biceps to gauge just how fit you are.

One moment they’ll melt your heart with kindness, and the next, they’ll leave you slumped on the floor in embarrassment. They smile at you and you saw them just bat their eyelashes at you… How girls flirt and clear signs she’s flirting with you We know, it can be hard to decode a woman’s words, much less her body language.From your hairstyle to your tailored suits and down to the socks she just had a quick peek of, she’ll be gushing about every detail she can find.[Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush] #13 Qs and As.Even if you’re alone with her, she might lean in closer to you or even whisper in your ear. She’s all uppity and cheerful—a great sign that she’s happy you two are talking.This is one way of flirting, even if she may not be aware of it herself. A woman who likes you and is flirting with you will keep a conversation going as long as it takes, and will be interested in what you have to say.

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