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We are also thrilled to welcome Dani from Project Rockit and Maddy from our Headspace Youth National Reference Group (h YNRG).

Maddy will be joining us remotely, so there may be times where there’s a delay in their response.

We always enjoy your questions and to see you encouraging and being supportive during these chats – so please feel free to do that tonight too! chances are, if you are thinking it, someone else is as well!

You might also have ideas that we don’t mention or you may have experienced something similar to a topic being discussed….

I've had a couple of experiences with cyberbullying.

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Like any other bullying, cyberbullying can be harmful to your mental, social and emotional wellbeing and most commonly happens between people that know each other.

It can also be consistent negative interactions with someone in comments, someone posting harassing posts about you, or online rumours. It can be really isolating, but I found talking to people I trust have helped me through those times. I’m Dani, a guest tonight coming from PROJECT ROCKIT, Australia’s youth-driven movement against bullying, hate and prejudice.

My job everyday is running school workshops with students year 5 - year 12 to help them challenge cyberbullying, stand up against nasty stuff online and use their online power for good :) Because I do so much work with this, I’m happy to give advice or information on the best ways to tackle cyberbullying and stand up for yourself or friends.

so if you do, please let us know how you coped with it. I'm Jess, one of the clinicians here at eheadspace.

It's a great topic we have today, we hear about cyber bullying all the time, and it's definitely a really important issue that can often go unnoticed.

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