Fish tank dating

A Deep Water Culture hydroponics system where plant grow directly into the effluent rich water without a soil medium.

Plants can be spaced closer together because the roots do not need to expand outwards to support the weight of the plant.

To maybe save the fish and those that follow, please read this about the nitrogen cycle: a working nitrogen cycle is the key to a healthy fish tank, most new aquarists are not aware of its importance. Hello, Im randi and my fish is just floating at the top of the tank, on his side, looks like he's trying to swim but if i tap on the glass, he will swim to the bottom, I tryed to feed him boiled frozen pea but he wont eat it, and i dont know what to do, i just cleaned the tank, and he's swimming much better then he did when the tank was not cleaned but is he gonna die?

More details are available in the above link, and you are welcome to post more questions. Eventhough, I read the giving a 'pea' to these fish, I never tried. I dont know what to do, First of all tank to small, and please do not add another fish in there.

The first aquaponics research in Canada was a small system added onto existing aquaculture research at a research station in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Canada saw a rise in aquaponics setups throughout the '90s, predominantly as commercial installations raising high-value crops such as trout and lettuce.

A setup based on the deep water system developed at the University of Virgin Islands was built in a greenhouse at Brooks, Alberta where Dr.

The water then provides nutrients for the plants and is cleansed before returning to the fish tank below.

Aquatic effluents, resulting from uneaten feed or raising animals like fish, accumulate in water due to the closed-system recirculation of most aquaculture systems.

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