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Encourage other people to ride, but don’t be an asshole about it.

Two things are simultaneously true: Saying “The environment is built to make fat people” does not absolve someone of individual responsibility, but it does make me understand why most of us are fat.

Fat feminists advocate body-positive acceptance for women, regardless of their weight.

There is also a focus on eliminating biases experienced directly or indirectly by overweight people.

In the 1990s, fat feminism became increasingly popular.

For the first time, fat feminism was officially supported by the National Organization for Women when the organization adopted an anti-size discrimination stance and started a body image task force.

I did my usual in that situation: didn’t say too much, but when I did talk, I only talked about lifting, fitness, and nutrition.” @The Red Quest doing his part against fat acceptance.Working on bikes is an absolutely terrible way to meet chicks, but it’s fun to do.The dating, mating, and business worlds are already so mean to fatties that there’s really no reason to fight against “fat acceptance.” The fight has already been won and will remain won forever.The vast majority of cities are built around cars that transport fatties around with zero effort, so that no one needs to bike or walk.White-collar work demands that most people sit at desks.

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