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Soon enough, though, Josie finds a replacement who fits her mother’s parameters — someone pretty, thin, and a woman of color — in Veronica, who needs a healthy way to let out her own aggression.

Musical numbers, witty comebacks, and family drama ensue.

Riverdale is a town in which drama and darkness lurk around every corner, so theoretically some of that could easily be dished out to the black girls roaming the high school halls. ” when the trio gets more in the way of development.

Josie is by far the most developed of the trio, with her go-getter personality established early on. The episode centers on how the school’s upcoming variety show upends the relationships between several characters.

But instead of backing down as people tend to do in Josie’s presence, Valerie stands up for herself, quits the group, and starts making music with Archie.

Josie begins to fret, since Valerie both writes all their songs and is a good singer.

Balk has always been a private person and does not like to reveal much of her dating history. Besides being a talented actress, Fairuza Balk seems to also nurture a secret passion for fine art and nude photography.

Josie’s story line does skate by some interesting class politics.I did find a young man who said he would do his best to try to come and help.I found a ridiculous cat hat made for children no doubt and put it on and browsed for snacks.centers on a group of four girls at a Catholic high school who were too weird and defiant to get the ugly-duckling-turned-beautiful-swan arc other films crafted for their nominally off-center leads.In other words, it was a story line tailor-made for me.

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