Embarassed about online dating

I've never ever been good with girls, it wasn't until last summer when I got into a relationship with a very awesome girl.

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She goes to school a good 3 hours away from where I do so it just wouldn't seem logical. I started using the dating site I guess out of boredom and curiosity. Through using it I've met two very cool girls who I could see myself being in contact with for a while regardless of romantic interest.I'd say I learned a lot about how to interact better with girls, what they find funny and how to act with them.But I really think I've taken the online dating thing as far as it should go because I still can't quite translate that confidence into first time face to face interactions and I find myself being the same old shy quiet person around the girls that my group of friends hangs out with .It's like saying, "I'm not cool enough to meet anyone in the real world, so I have to resort to trying to meet someone online." Well …. Debbie's advice and change our thought process! The truth is, as we get older, our lives are not as conducive to meeting people as they were in our younger days. When I recently became friends with a very sweet couple who are about my age, I asked them how they met. They're kind of perfect-but not in that annoying way. I think part of the reason we're all a little embarrassed about online dating is because we assume there are a lot of freaks on the internet, so are we a freak, too?We're not in college anymore, and we're beginning to outgrow the bar scene. The man replied, "We met online," and the woman said, "Oh, it's the greatest thing! I remember logging onto one particular dating site and seeing a guy on there who I used to work with.

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