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The only driver who had more without a win was Harry Gant in 1981.Gant bounced back with two wins and a fourth-place finish in 1982.In that season, Jarrett had four wins (to Logano's three) and zero poles (to Logano's one).

Second in that category is Kenny Wallace with 33, then Regan Smith with 21.

“This is a great opportunity for me and everyone affiliated with Tommy Baldwin Racing,” said Sadler.

“I love the Daytona 500 and to have Tommy and Golden Corral offer me this opportunity is awesome. We actually won a qualifying race for the Daytona 500 together back in 2006.

But you can't overlook the consistency that led Joey Logano to a championship.

Logano had 26 top-10 finishes, three fewer than Harvick and two fewer than Busch.

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