Electric updating nema 10 30r

Upon inspection, I discovered that its electrical supply is as follows: So it certainly seems that the dryer receptacle and sub-panel share the same 30-amp supply at the main panel.

I know that this isn't best practice and will include it in my inspection objections, but can anyone point me to a code reference that would forbid this installation? What needs to happen is the dryer receptacle needs to be replaced with a blank junction box cover, and then a new 10/3 cable run from a dryer receptacle in a new box, to either main or sub panel, where it'll land on a 30A breaker.

In what we think will help battery longevity, some of us -1) Stop the charging at around 13 bars, and only fully charge the car just before taking a longer trip.2) Do not fully charge the car and then let it sit there unused fully charged for a long time (days), especially in hot weather.

EVs: 2 Wht/Blu SE Prem., '13 Tesla MS85, 3 156v Corbin Sparrows (2 Li-ion), 24v Eco Scoot(Li Fe PO4)EV Conv: 156v '86 Ram PU, 144v '65 Saab 96Hybrids: 48v1k W bike ICE: '88 Isuzu Trooper.

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The i-Mi EV unit is also manufactured by Panasonic, (same as the Nissan unit) however it is not built the same. Don I have bought a Voltec 230V/10A for some 350 Euros. Next I'll fake the Pilot towards the EV, RS232 again.Visit Stack Exchange I've just moved house and my clothes dryer has a four prong plug but on the wall there's a three prong socket. Since your dryer is set up to use a 4 prong receptacle, the optimal solution would be to update the receptacle to a 4 prong (NEMA 14-30R if I remember correctly). You could replace the cord on the dryer, but you'd have to bond the chassis of the dryer to make that acceptable to current NEC codes (Article 250.140).In short, towing your Nissan Leaf (or most electric cars) can result in serious damage to your car.Pulling this stunt is most likely going to invalidate your warranty in the case of things going wrong.

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