Depression and not dating

I don't know about you, but if I were a woman, knowing who I am, I wouldn't date myself.There's no use dating someone who's determined to self destruct.Not to be confrontational, but may that be part of the reason why she's your ex?I'm wondering because I used to be like that and have recently come to the conclusion that it's better not to be and to engage in more grooming type interaction that isn't, per se, interesting.There is no physical test for it; no way to actually depression it's more accurate to describe your feelings when you do become depressed, however it is you experience it.

Yes, I know how it feels to not care about your life and take your chances despite a large risk death. Should I start dating her and she do something stupid like that again, that'd be the worst thing to happen to me.Like, I spend so much energy on myself some days, how could I have enough left over to care for someone else?What if we're both having a bad day and looking for support?I would say keep working on yourself for yourself, do what you need to do to feel better and get the most out of life.That being said, you are never going to be perfect, in the same way any guy you would ever meet also won't be perfect.

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