Dating step sister

I hadn't dated anyone because I was in love with her. I talked to her one night and told her how I felt expecting to be met with conflict but said she felt the same way.

She told me that the boys she had dated that it never felt right with them.

Until my dad married my step mom it was just the two of us. When I was about nine we played "I'll show you mine if you show me yours".

I didn't have any siblings until they got married when I got a step sister. At first it was a little strange simply because I had never had a sibling before but soon we were like best friends. I don't remember how it came up but we both were very curious about the opposite sex.

YYou and your girlfriend have been together far longer than your parents.

"If anything, your friends probably think it's weird that your parents got married and are trying to break the two of you up after six years." While a third commenter wrote: "The mom should be ashamed of her behaviour.

I kept my love hidden until she started dating a guy in high school.

I was jealous of him and felt like she was hurting and cheating on me.

“We are going through a storm and need some guidance.A STUDENT has slammed his mum for trying to split him and his girlfriend up - because she's now his step-sister.The anonymous 20-year-old has been with his childhood sweetheart since he was 14 - which is how their divorced parents met.It was at the time that I really started to notice girls.We were at home alone after school and she was in some short cloth shorts and a tank when I realized how hot my step sister was.

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