Dating of old testament books

This practice of pseudonymous writing was both widespread and respectable in ancient Israel, it is maintained.Therefore it is not difficult to envisage the Spirit of God using such devices to gain acceptance of this vital message.Every dating of the pentateuchal "sources" rests on purely hypothetical assumptions which only have any standing through the consensus of scholars.'[3] But in the whirlpool of conflicting modern theories one point in the critical consensus has escaped serious challenge: namely, the date of Deuteronomy.

The integrity at least of these statements seems to be thrown in question if Deuteronomy is in no sense a Mosaic work, but simply the creation of someone unknown living many centuries afterwards.

Given these pieces of evidence and their assumptions about the nature of inspiration, conservatives have tenaciously defended at least a Mosaic core to the book of Deuteronomy.

This I believe is a perfectly legitimate way for theologians to proceed.

To try to discover what are the reasons for the critical consensus on the one side and conservative opposition on the other.

To ask whether there are any firm grounds for holding one position rather than another, or whether this is just another area where Rendtorff's dictum, 'every dating of pentateuchal sources rests on purely hypothetical assumptions', holds good.

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