Dating lessons activities youth groups

See instructions for this get to know you game » Maybe a bit of a wildcard entry in this category, but I think it works really well.

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For this reason, start off with non-threatening questions.

This game uses M&M chocolates to get the players to interact with each other about their different "favourites".

Doesn't put too much pressure on anyone, can be really funny and it has CHOCOLATE! See instructions for this get to know you game » A good get to know you game that is quick to explain and quick to play. Might also be a good way to get kids into random groups or pairs at the end of the game, as they'll be moving to different seats and sitting next to different people during the game.

It's a fantastic team building game, but I think is also a really good get to know you game as it provides opportunities for people to interact while working together to achieve something.

It gives people an opportunity to showcase their personality and their gifts in a way that other youth group games don't.

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