Dating in your 20s

There’s no one who is as petty as a 40-year-old single man pursuing dreams best known to him.Dating such men is like sitting on a time bomb, you just don’t know when and where it will go off throwing you off balance and into a bottomless pit.And really, it's completely unfair that you'll never experience the joy of dating you: your hilarious late-night texts, the quirky way you prefer Hulu to Netflix, your gentle kisses and slightly less gentle hand jobs. Will he think you're stalking him if you like too many of his tweets? If you comment on each other's things all the time, will people think it's obnoxious? Realizing your new man has the worst social media presence. The race ended at the man’s home with the mother standing with hands before us wondering what exactly we were up to.That’s the day we both realised the man was more than ten years younger than us after the mother started yelling out his age in between quarrels. From then on, I taught myself how to gauge these humans.These are the same men who will go mute on you because you uploaded a beautiful photo of yourself on your social media.

acting as blasé as possible — is some serious gobbledygook. Let's be real: Ghosting isn't as common as every thinkpiece on the internet makes it out to be.

ALSO READ: How to stop comparing your relationship to others’ There’s something about men in their 20s that isn’t adding up.

What are they feeding on that makes them look like potential husbands to those of us jogging into our late thirties?

I could have asked you to come thank me later but I know you will be too busy shooting baby bump photos, so I will just sit here and continue gauging these 20-year-olds imagining I am part of their dessert, or is it appetiser?

You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

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