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For the party itself, while there are some really cool black and yellow theme construction parties out there, I wanted to change it up with some color.

Construction Party Invitations For the invitations, I’ve always found blueprints to be just so cool and I thought it would be a fun way to incorporate into the party invitation and mail it off in a shipping tube. A little on the pricey side to ship, but with a small guest list of ten, it was manageable.

I saw the idea of DIY felt roads awhile back and thought it would be a fun addition to the toolbox. I basically cut up strips of black and felt and once again utilized my yellow duct tape for the dashes.

Each set of roads came in a little muslin bag to take with you when you are out.

I asked my son if he preferred a construction themed party or a fire truck party.

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My toddler loves loves loves to bulldoze anything–like most little boys his age.

The backdrop was created from blue paint chips from the local hardware store.

Over it, I had cut out a cardboard L and lined it with yellow tissue paper tassel.

Also with younger kids, I’m just hesitant to turn the party into a sugar fest.

We can save that for my birthday 🙂 The translucent acrylic cake topper is something in the works in our store so if you’re interested, feel free to contact me. My son loves to turn anything he can into a road for his cars and trucks to travel on.

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