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All the above is in me, as a wrongfully convicted man back in court. Glancing around my house of unmovable furniture, I see the contents of my entire life in two metal boxes and ask God how a man meant to have much possesses so...

I read a lot of self-help and Christian books to help keep me focused and on the right path. The essence of hopes and dreams, the particles of the sun and stars, the very fabric of our universe. Are you seeking someone who has fallen from a shooting star? A man with a positive disposition and great sense of humor? Dirt bikes, mud trucks and chilling at the lake with family and friends are a few things I like to do. So if you are tired of feeling alone and not having someone in your life... Hopefully your reason for stopping on my profile is the same reason it exists…so that you can find someone special to talk to about the latest and greatest things. It feels good to be noticed, especially after being in prison for going on 8 years now. Like I said, it feels good to get noticed, it’s the little things. Today I am a man who’s a seeker of right knowledge, as well as friends. Some say I look “scary” or mean on first impression but I’m really a Teddy Bear.

Just think of how lonely it must feel at mail call to never hear your name being called, especially after being locked up for several years and family and friends have deserted you. ) Although Meet-An-Inmate is an Online service, prisoners do not have access to the internet.

All correspondence will be via the United States Postal Service, commonly known as snail mail.

While you correspond with the male or female inmates, you will learn a lot about each other.

You can meet that special prison pen pal who may have the same interests as you do.

To start your search for an inmate pen pal, simply click on either the male or female link above.

This will open up a page of small photos, listing their name and what state they are from.

I’ve never done the pen pal thing, so all of this is new to me. My job profession is landscaping and all different kinds of construction. I am interested in conversing with someone who is down to earth with a good personality and who... I want to know those going my way on the same path as me; the thinkers, the creators, those with vision and the believers in dreams that must come true. I’m interested in furthering my education while incarcerated. I’m 33 years of age, a father of 2 handsome boys that I love and miss more than anything and a Pisces at heart.

All of the inmates who are listed here enjoy getting letters; especially those letters which help build their confidence.

It can be a lot of fun communicating with these male and female inmates.

(note: some inmates now may have access to email/secure messaging services).

This site is designed to quickly and easily connect you with inmates whose backgrounds and interests may inspire you to pick up a pen and become pen pals with them.

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