Dating a middle eastern man

When Myspace lost its allure from the fickle millennial attention span, Harry made one final appearance on my Facebook timeline. While scrolling through endless wedding pictures of Harry and his Korean love, I was once again reminded of my non-existent love life. I was plagued with nights of self-doubt and crippling insecurity.I longed for true love but was deathly afraid of rejection.Had I not stepped out of my comfort zone I would have allowed the fears of others, to shape my narrative.From then on, I chose to never allow the crippling fears, insecurities and prejudices of others to ravage my flickering spark of hope.Clearly, my naïve millennial mindset and conservative upbringing didn’t prepare me for the various shades of grey, I would encounter in the real world.Within my Christian circle it was more important to be “pure” then to learn, to properly vet a potential suitor.I was tired of hearing how unappealing my looks were to potential love interests.I had wasted precious time pinning after the “the brothers” while these men unashamedly, chose to date women from various ethnic backgrounds.

“Arab men are wife beaters.” The Muslims are terrorists!

I hopped on the plane to Jordan and never looked back.

The incredibly kind and attractive man sitting across from me one month later, was nothing like the prejudiced biased portrayals of Arab men, I saw in American media.

I chose to stop hiding behind a computer screen and decided to experience life and love in real time.

Love was out there waiting for me and I would go to the ends of the earth to find it. Follow Christelyn on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to our You Tube channel.

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