Dark caveran dating

I don't know what was going on with me but my head was spinning.

Tina said she was sipping her drink while Tammi was dancing when a nice looking black man approached her to dance. After the first song stopped a slow song began and he just grabbed her and pulled her tightly to him.

His name was Mark and he worked for an advertising agency. Mark asked her if she wanted to go another club and she accepted. Tina said the atmosphere was completely different and at first she felt a little uncomfortable.

She said there were a few other white women there with black men but most of the women were black.

Afterwards they went to the table and had a few drinks and chatted.

When she comes home she tells me about some guy who picked her up and how they fucked like crazy.

It's been fun and she has been getting more verbal. She went out to the Holliday Inn lounge with a girl friend.

She sat back down and tried to subtly slide them off under her skirt but she could see other black men watching her.

When she got them off Mark just plowed his finger into her pussy and began finger fucking her right in the booth.

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