Cris angel dating

His last love relationship was with Latina pop singer Belinda Peregrin.

The pair dated each other since 2016 and got separated in 2017.

The American magician Criss Angel has not only made the headlines by his magical shows, but he has also been in the focus of the media due to his personal life.

This time also, he has become the hot topic in media because of his son and second wife.

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In the video, which was captured by the illusionist's older brother, you can hear him say, "Let me tell you something, what you just did for our mom is so special, Belinda."The star graciously replied, "With all my heart."While Angel hasn't publicly addressed the breakup, yesterday he did tweet a quote that states, "Don't listen to your heart.

Also see: American-Canadian Actress Pamela Anderson Three times Divorce! Also see: Lindsay Lohan shows off her ring as she steps out with her boyfriend and sister.

Also see: Paris Hilton's reaction after fiance Chris Zylka found her Million Worth Lost Engagement Ring has gone VIRAL Criss married his second wife Shaunyl Benson in 2014 but had to get a divorce in the following year in the October of 2015.

Soon after getting identified with cancer, Criss canceled his show to travel to Brisbane to be with his ill son. The magician walked down the aisle for the first time with Jo Ann Winkhart with whom he got married after dating for a long time. However, their relationship didn’t last for more than four years. The real reason for their break up is still not known to us.

Criss and Benson were already divorced in 2015 so, this illness of their son again pulled the ex-couple together. Talking about his dating history, then he has been involved in dozens of relationship including well-renowned personalities of Hollywood.

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