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Sir Robert Mc Alpine funded the initial establishment of the Consulting Association in 1993, providing £20,000, around half of which was used to buy a blacklist database from the Economic League and hire one of its former employees, Ian Kerr, as manager.

Company director Cullum Mc Alpine served as chairman of the Consulting Association for some years before it became publicly implicated in a construction industry blacklisting scandal in 2009 and was wound up.

There was previously a long-standing agreement within the Mc Alpine family not to make such a change but, following the death of Alfred Mc Alpine and his son, the board of Alfred Mc Alpine sought to make the change in any event.

The effect of the judgment was to prevent Alfred Mc Alpine trading under the name "Mc Alpine".

William was appointed Chairman while Alfred remained in charge of the operation in the north-west subsidiary, where he had been since 1918.

The two London partners argued that the recession was impacting more on the north than the south and proposed closing Alfred’s company.

The inter-war period saw the firm focusing solely on construction.

Gray wrote that Sir Robert Mc Alpine “seemed to have been involved in every major building and civil engineering project that ever hit the headlines of the day.” They included docks, harbours, power stations, factories; the Wembley Stadium and the Dorchester Hotel were notable examples. Two weeks later his eldest son, the new Sir Robert, also died.

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The targets of the victims' intended criminal complaint included director Cullum Mc Alpine, and head of human resources, David Cochrane, who was a later chairman of the Association.From there, Mc Alpine enjoyed rapid success; the early contracts centred on his own trade of bricklaying and by 1874 he was the owner of two brickyards and an employer of 1,000 men.With the capital he had acquired, Mc Alpine determined to build a garden city at Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.Subsequently, Sir Robert Mc Alpine was one of eight businesses involved in the 2014 launch of the Construction Workers Compensation Scheme, On , major companies, including Sir Robert Mc Alpine, issued an "unreserved and sincere" apology in the high court to hundreds of workers for putting them on the illegal blacklist and denying them work over two decades.The companies agreed to pay sums ranging from £25,000 to £200,000 to 771 people under out-of-court settlements to avoid a trial, while accepting that "their secret vetting operation should never have happened".

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