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You can use this feature to cut unwanted intros and outros of a song, such as announcers and audience applause, or to skip opening credits or commercials of movies.You can also use it in conjunction with File Create format Version (where format is the encoding format, such as AAC or MP3) to split an item — or, in the parlance of record label executives and artists, split a track.

Your computer starts playing the stream as soon as the first set of bits arrives, and more sections are transferred while you listen so that you hear it as a continual stream.In fact, you can create one or more sublibraries of your main library on the same hard drive, sharing the same content folders and files so that you don’t waste space.You can then automatically synchronize different i Pads, i Pods, and i Phones with each sublibrary.You can temporarily play a content item with an assigned preset via one of the other equalizer settings in the i Pad, i Pod, or i Phone.Start playing the item on your i Pad, i Pod, or i Phone, and while the item is playing, return to the main menu or Home screen.

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