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"It’s going to be a change for sure, there’s going to be six storeys on the waterfront," Dun added.

"But certainly, the view when you’re driving by, your view to the water is exactly the same whether there’s one, two or six storeys.” On March 26, the town approved both the zoning-bylaw and Official Plan amendments to allow commercial uses on the site.

“There is no benefit to the community, only to the developer.” Dunn begs to differ.

He said he has 650 people who have registered their interest in purchasing a condo in the development and two national companies interested in the waterfront restaurant option.

“It appears from the proposed application that it serves the interest of the developer and not that of the majority of the residents in the Shipyards and the citizens of Collingwood,” they stated in their letter to town council.

“We feel that these proposed amendments move this parcel of land farther from the future needs of Collingwood and the Waterfront Master Plan that identifies public access to a revitalized waterfront as one of the town’s top five goals for the next 20 years.” Anne Hersh, also a resident on Waterside Lane, called the proposed development “another nail in the coffin of Collingwood's waterfront.” She objected to the height and density planned for the site.

“I want something that is five-star, we don’t have that right now, so that’s where (the idea) came from," he added.

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They also suggested there was a “surplus” of retail and commercial space along Highway 26 and Hurontario Street with better visibility than the Perfect World site.There will be residential condominiums on floors four through six.The other two buildings will have commercial space on the ground floor and residential condominiums on floors two through six.Each of the three buildings will be joined by a second-floor, indoor walkway.“The reason there are three buildings on the site is I didn’t want to block the view corridors,” said Dunn.

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