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The Sample Digestion Laboratory (CHEM0221) and Rock Preparation (CHEM0219) laboratories were last renovated in 2002-2003.

(a) The HPA as installed beneath its custom built extraction hood.In this study we present Sr and Nd isotope data from the Paleogene Central Basin sediments of Svalbard, including the first published data of stream suspended sediments from Svalbard.The stream suspended sediments exhibit considerable isotopic variation ( 0.73421 to 0.74704) which can be related to the depositional history of the sedimentary formations from which they are derived.The Sample Digestion lab houses two ovens (one can achieve temperatures as high as 380°C), one muffle furnace, both oxy-propane and oxy-hydrogen torches (for sealing Pyrex and quartz Carius tubes) and an Anton-Paar high pressure asher (HPA).The HPA is used for high temperature digestions of samples for Os isotope and highly siderophile element measurement.

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