Chelsea handler confirms she is dating dave salmoni astronomical dating of mahabharata war

Chelsea Handler loves to joke about men, but we have a feeling true love is what she really wants.After less than a year, the comedienne has split from hotelier and residential developer Andre Balazs.

Who is Have Chelsea Handler and Animal Planet star Dave Salmoni parted ways?

Third theory: He dumped her for being a rude, obnoxious so-and-so.

Just for the record, the way Chelsea has operated so far is: hookup with the married president of a cable network, breakup the dude’s marriage, begin openly “dating” the guy when his divorce comes through, never respond to the “jokes” about f-cking your way up, negotiate an eight-figure contract with your boss/lover, then dump him after the ink is dry, then hookup with a younger man who works with animals on a daily basis, gushing about him publicly to promote the image of a lusty cougar to sell yourself, your show and your book, then publicly call him out when your relationship is over.

The announcement, confirmed by her rep, may come as a surprise to some.

During the start of her relationship with Balazs, folks remember when she was a guest on "Piers Morgan Tonight" last May.

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