Bungie net reach model not updating

New Seasonal Rewards that launched with Curse of Osiris, such as the new Seasonal Armor Ornaments, will require ownership of Curse of Osiris to acquire.

The Prestige Nightfall will remain a pinnacle activity, at the new 330 Power cap.

Therefore, this week, we will release a hotfix that will make the following changes: The Prestige Leviathan Raid will be brought back down to Power 300, and its rewards will drop down to match the new Power Level.

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Because of this, we will update "The Prestige" Achievement/Trophy to only reference The Prestige Raid.After considerable fan push-back (and the wake of the big Battlefront II controversy), Bungie admits they messed up by using the Curse of Osiris expansion to lock gamers out of Destiny 2 content they previously had access to.Some things are getting "fixed," but mostly Bungie is reverting to the old original Destiny 1 temporary lock-out model.As I predicted, Bungie did the same thing with Destiny 2.But now they're doing something different: fixing some of the issues while doing more of the same.

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