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Her tongue moved round and round his rod, licking it and cleaning it before she opened her mouth wider and engulfed the top, slurping downwards, her hand still working.Compared to a week ago Buffy knew two things about giving blow-jobs; one, she could take it a long way into her mouth and two, Snyder loved deep-throat.Example — The article claims that a character is completely lacking in redeeming features. These wars are stories of a sort, they are constructed from tropes like Revenge Fics, Fan Fics, trolling ... Evidently the fans and the haters enjoy these battles. Entries about this kind of story, though, don't go in a work's page; that is a place for storytelling tropes. For ease of quickly identifying items that belong on the YMMV page, just look for the links whose bullet point has been replaced by a fuel dispenser.Your idea of "irredeemable" and another's idea of it might (almost certainly will) differ. Audience Reactions are a part of The list of all works that have an YMMV page is here. Buffy nodded impatiently as if that could move on time and glanced at her reflection in the mirror next to the sideboard.She looked hot, with her red lipstick and her eye-shadow, her blonde hair pulled back and the tight top and small skirt that made up her ensemble.She wished she could have another of Ted's cookies, but she'd had two after dinner and Ted wouldn't let her have any more - else they wouldn't be a treat - but she had found whenever they crumbled deliciously in her mouth, the world became a better place. "I'll get it," called Buffy with the enthusiasm of a small child on Christmas morning.

Snyder grunted and grinned, removing his jacket, tie, shirt and vest, so his scrawny but sexy chest was bare for her.

she was about to invite him in, but managed to stop herself just in time, no-one invited anyone in in Sunnydale, no matter how much in love. He stepped over the threshold, looking her up and down, "Summers," he said in greeting, before looking over at the sofa and allowing a small smile to pass his face, "Ted, how are you? ""It's the weekend, two days without screaming brats polluting my corridors," he said with feeling.

Shutting the door Buffy slid against Snyder, wrapping her sexy body round him, so that her pert titties pressed through her top and into his arm, "I've missed you baby, it's been so long.""I banged you Wednesday," he said, which to Buffy was a lifetime ago.

" she smiled so dirtily she was sure he would understand what she meant.

His grin was as lecherous back and replied, without words, that he knew exactly what she was saying.

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