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Throughout the hijinks and adventures, we hit some of the classic “romcom/one crazy night” beats that we’re all familiar with. We even get the wacky cameos – Questlove, Ru Paul, Rosario Dawson, and Jaboukie Young-White.

That said, throughout the film what really stands out is the relationship between Jenny, Erin, and Blair. Each woman has their own thing they’re dealing with – Jenny is going through a break up, Erin is dating a girl she really likes but is finding it difficult admit she has real feelings, and Blair feels trapped in a relationship she no longer really wants.

Weeks ago my friend and I made a date to long-distance watch the new Netflix comedy , and I gotta tell you. A love story between a girl and her friends, herself, and her future.

It’s about growing up and about nostalgia for a very recent past.

At one point Blair says she can’t take off work because she has a hashtag rollout.

Erin has to ask: is this a rollout of a hashtag, or is it a #rollout.

It’s the movie you watch with your best friends, the ones who’ve had your back and held you tight from day one.

When the trailer was released, one of my best friends from back home made our date to watch it long-distance together.

In the present day, we follow Jenny looking like a mess as she gathers her girls (even jailbreaking Blair out from work), gathers some booze and other accessories, and gathers tickets to Neon Circus – an underground music festival that had meaning for her and Nate.

As much as Jenny wants to cut loose with her girls, and believes that she’s totally fine with the break-up, she also is hoping to see Nate at Neon Circus.

Gina Rodriguez plays this perfectly, veering wildly between bravado one minute, and tearfully belting out Selena’s “Dreaming of You” in a bodega the next.

We hopped on the phone, grabbed a glass of wine, synched our Netflix accounts and had the best time laughing together.

He’s the Blair and Erin to my Jenny, and watching with him made the film all the more special.

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