Body language of dating tonya reiman is synyster gates still dating

Tonya Reiman is a body language expert who appears weekly on Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor.

A motivational speaker, consultant, and corporate trainer, she has also appeared on Access Hollywood, Extra, Your Morning, Fast Money, New Morning, and several other television shows.

Tonya Reiman's passion for body language began in her first year of college at Pace University when a psychology professor came nose to nose with her in order to demonstrate the significance of "personal space".

I happened to open it to a page saying that men were more attracted to blue eyes, blonde hair , and an average build and that they were predisposed to this preference because blue eyes and blonde hair are rare, and the body type was ideal for reproduction.

Using a light writing style for a very in-depth subject, Reiman captivates the reader by peppering information with photos, blocks of separate information and sections called "body watch", which are specific tidbits of body language information.

In addition, She received a degree from the State University of New York in Communication.

For over a decade, Tonya honed her skills in the fields of training, communication and influence working with executives and staff in the financial industry.

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